Emily and Amanda are here to chat about all things books, movies, and TV shows. 

You’ll hear our Top 3 books and movies from January. The theme of this episode is war. Emily watched a lot of movies set during wartime and Amanda read books set during WWII and war in space.

In our Mentionables segment we talk about everything that didn’t make our top 3 lists. Older movies like Almost Famous show why they are still classics while newer movies like The King won’t be remembered.

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As always, time-stamped show notes are below with references to every book, TV show, and film we mentioned in this episode. 


Top 3 Films and Books 

2:33 The Phantom Tollbooth – book 

3:20 Black Narcissus – movie 

5:26 Deborah Kerr – actress 

5:30 Jean Simmons – actress

6:00 The Storyteller’s Secret – book 

7:50 Kate Morton – author 

9:10 Behind the Beautiful Forevers – book 

9:26 A Hidden Life – movie 

10:40 Terrence Malick – director 

13:30 Slaughterhouse-Five – book 

18:20 1917 – movie 

18:52 Band of Brothers – TV series 

19:29 Roger Deakins – Cinematographer 

21:30 Dean-Charles Chapman – actor 

22:08 Starsight – book 


24:28 Long Bright River – book 

27:14 The King – movie 

28:50 Timothée Chalamet – actor

29:30 Almost Famous – movie

30:32 Avenue 5 – TV show 

31:24 Blade Runner 2049 – movie 

32:45 Blade Runner The Final Cut – movie 

33:30 Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – TV show 

35:46 Rosemary’s Baby – movie 

36:50 Sanditon – TV series 

38:46 Beasts of the Southern Wild – movie 

39:12 Wendy – movie