Emily and Amanda are here to chat all things books, movies, and TV shows. 

You’ll hear our Top 3 books and films/TV shows we enjoyed in November. Next, we spill the beans on a few things that didn’t make our Top 3 lists in our Mentionables segment. 

Our streaming picks for HULU, Amazon Prime, and Netflix will help you from endlessly scrolling trying to find something to watch at home. If you love a good Rom Com, then you definitely want to tune in!  

Our Must Watch movie is an approachable Western everyone should watch and our Must Read Book is a delightful, imaginative fantasy with a gorgeous cover.  

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As always, time-stamped show notes are below with references to every book, TV show, and film we mentioned in this episode. 

Books, TV shows, and Films

1:54 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – movie

3:22 Won’t You Be My Neighbor? – movie

3:57 The Americans – TV show

4:10 Jennifer Garner – actor

4:30 Cate Blanchett – actor

4:59 One Day in December – book

5:49 HULU’s Four Weddings and a Funeral – TV miniseries

8:04 Parasite – movie

10:34 Hunt for the Wilderpeople – movie

10:47 The Starless Sea – book

10:55 The Night Circus – book

12:53 The Mandalorian – TV show

13:12 Star Wars – movies

17:10 24 – TV show

17:42 Mad Men – TV Show

18:22 Pumpkinheads – book


20:40 Frozen II – movie

21:40 How to Train Your Dragon – movie

24:22 Rocky – movie

25:12 Creed – movie

25:16 Mary Queen of Scots – movie

27:00 Good Omens – TV Show

27:48 Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy – movie

28:00 Last Christmas – movie

28:13 The Family Stone – movie

29:28 The Knight Before Christmas – movie

30:40 Crazy Stupid Love – movie

Streaming Picks


31:52 Veronica Mars – TV show

33:30 Younger – TV show

Amazon Prime

35:00 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – movie

35:12 The Florida Project – movie

36:50 You’ve Got Mail – movie


38:48 Room – movie

40:14 Little Things – TV show

Must Watch & Must Read

41:43: True Grit (2010) – movie

42:32 Roger Deakins – cinematographer

43:22 The Ten Thousand Doors of January – book

45:47 Jared Harris – actor