Welcome to the She Reads, She Watches Podcast! 

In the first episode you get to hear Twitter friends Amanda and Emily turn their online discussions about books and films into a podcast. 

In each episode Amanda recaps the books she read (She Reads) and Emily recaps the TV and films she watched (She Watches) from the previous month. In this episode we kick back with a beer or cider while discussing the books and films we read and watched in June. 

We finish the episode with a Must Read Book and Must Watch Suggestion. 

In Episode 01 Amanda mistakenly refers to Emily living in the Northeast instead of the Northwest. Emily convinces Amanda to get Ex Machina off her to-watch list. We also discuss the hotness of Bill Nighy. 

Time stamped notes of the drinks, books, TV shows, and movies with reference links are listed below.


Amanda – Independence Brewery’s Redbud Berliner Weiss

Emily – Two Towns Cider’s Easy Squeezy Cider

Books, TV Shows, and Movies

3:05 Brief Encounter – movie 

6:30 To Stop A Warlord by Shannon Sedgwick Davis – book

8:40 Ex Machina – movie

9:20 Annihilation – movie

9:53 Never Let Me Go – movie

12:08 Zoe – movie

12:12 Her – movie

12:42 I Am Mother – movie

13:05 The Gown by Jennifer Robson – book

15:30 Finding Vivian Maier – movie

20:10 Bill Cunningham: New York – movie

21:07 The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker – book

23:25 Absentia – TV Series

26:30 The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny – book

30:00 – Fosse/Verdon – TV miniseries & All That Jazz – movie

33:04 – Must Watch: About Time – movie

35:55 – Must Read: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch – book